West Lafayette Track and Field
Congratulations Cooper Williams
Mental Attitude Award Winner
Congratulations Cooper Williams 2016 800
Meter State Champion.
Congratulations Dylan Williams, Evan Johnson,
Mitchell Curl, and Cooper Williams 2016 4x800
Meter State Champions
Thank You Alex Hummels, Dylan Williams, Cooper
Williams, and Mitch for Singing the National Anthem
Congratulations Lauren Johnson Placing 3rd in the
1600 meter and 3200 meter races in the State Meet!
Congratulations Evan Johnson on placing 3rd in the
3200 Meter Run in the State Meet!
Congratulations Maria Siciliano on Placing 5th in
the Pole Vault in the State Meet!
Congratulations George Karlaftas on Placing 6th
in the Shot Put in the State Meet!
Congratulations Itoro Udo-Imeh, Ellie Tate, Emma
Tate, and Kristen Johnson on Placing 8th in the 4x800
Congratulations Mitchell Curl, Jack Folkers, Dylan
Williams, and Cooper Williams on 9th Place in the
Congratulations Kaia Harris on Placing 8th in the
Discus at the State Meet!
Congratulations Daniel Afolabi for taking on the
100 meter dash, 4x100, and 300 hurdles, Injured.
Congratulations Ashley Weatherly
on Placing 16th in Shot Put at State!
Congratulations Nate Merriott, George
Karlaftas, Jack Folkers, and Daniel Afolabi on
Placing 22nd in the 4x100 at the State Meet!
Coach Bob Johnson (1953-2016) with his school record holder
(15-9) Malachi Baker.  Coach Johnson also coached the Girls
school record holder Maria Siciliano (11-9).  Bob's obituary can
be found here:  
Bob Johnson

We miss you Coach Johnson!