Name:  Rob Church____        Age:  _44__                Hometown:  _Fruitland, ID_
How many years have you coached Track & Field?
 2_                At WLHS?  _2 [WLJH]__
What/where is your main work description/location?  
Architect/Principal of StudioC Architecture
Family stuff (married, single, kids, etc.?)
My wife Sarah and I have one son, Josh who is a Freshman in the West
Lafayette school system.

High School attended:
 Fruitland High School   College: The Univ. of Texas  and the Univ. of Idaho
Sports you participated in HS:  _
Football, Basketball, Track & Wrestling
Best HS sport memory:  _
An interception returned for a touchdown in the state semi-final.
PRs in HS Track & Field:  
_110HH - 15.08, 300MH - 39.17,  High Jump - 6'-0"  
Sports you participated in College:  
Track and Field
Best College sport memory:
 I stood just inside the doorway of the head coach's office briefly explaining that I
wanted to talk to him about walking on to the track team while he sat behind his desk with his hand over the
receiver of the telephone.  His reply was, "Hey, I need to finish this phone call."  Gestures to the guy sitting
on the couch four feet away from me and who I hadn't even glanced at yet.  "This is Dan O'Brien.  Why don't
you guys chat for a few minutes? He's a hurdler too."  

PRs in College Track & Field:  _
They would be terribly unimpressive if I could remember or find them recorded

What motivates you to coach Track & Field here at WLHS/JH?  _
_I attended a fairly small high school that did not
have a particularly strong coaching staff for Track, and the majority of the technique coaching that I
received before college was self-evaluation of video of myself going over a set of hurdles or taking a
jump.  Initially, I was motivated by the (completely misguided) thought that surely the junior high track team
was similarly a bit short-handed and that perhaps I still held some useful knowledge for teaching the
hurdles.  I think that my motivation now is much more tied up in the enjoyment of working with these kids,
seeing the moments when they make some little break through, or in seeing them meet a goal.

What is an “interest” or a “talent” that you have that most people would not know about and you are willing to
_I try to stay active by cycling with different groups in the area.