Name:  Jonathan Polk                        Age:  36                        Hometown:  Evansville, IN
How many years have you coached Track & Field?
  7                At WLHS?  7
What/where is your main work description/location?
 I teach 8th grade math at West Lafayette Jr/Sr High School.  
Family stuff (married, single, kids, etc.?)
I have been married to my wife Melissa for 12 years.  Children include Addy (6), Jules (3) and Murray (9
High School attended:
Evansville North         College: Purdue University
Sports you participated in HS:  
Best HS sport memory:  
I wasn’t on the team, but my sophomore year, our school’s football team went
undefeated during the season and played and lost in the 5A State Championship game.  

PRs in HS Track & Field:  
None in high school.  As an adult, 5:24 in the 1600 M run.  
Sports you participated in College:  
Best College sport memory:  
Rushing the field after Purdue defeated IU to earn a bid to play in the Rose Bowl.  
PRs in College Track & Field:  
What motivates you to coach Track & Field here at WLHS/JH?
 I love track and field because it provides an
opportunity for every athlete to challenge themselves and improve. In high school, I wasn’t really “good” at
anything. It is a thrill for me to introduce running to middle school students and watch them improve in
ability and grow in confidence.   Running often gives students an identity and teaches them to be
confidence with who they are.  I also believe that success and confidence on the track will carry over to the
classroom and other aspects of their lives.  

What is an “interest” or a “talent” that you have that most people would not know about and you are willing to “share”?
am an avid baseball fan.  I have visited 14 MLB stadiums and grew up a few blocks from Bosse Field in
Evansville, IN.  When I was in middle school, I sat in as an extra during the filming of the movie A League of
Their Own.