Name:  ___Whitney Tudor________        Age:  _22_                Hometown:  __West Lafayette_____
How many years have you coached Track & Field?  __
1__                At WLHS?  __1___
What/where is your main work description/location?  _
Student Teacher through Purdue____College student at Purdue
University and coach at DMG in lafayette________
Family stuff (married, single, kids, etc.?) _____N/A
High School attended:  ___West Side______________        College:  ______Purdue University_____________
Sports you participated in HS:  __Club gymnastics, track and field____________________________________
Best HS sport memory:  ____my whole senior season, going state freshman year for 4x100, and getting the shuttle
hurdles relay record even though Katie Bittner fell on the last one_______________________________
PRs in HS Track & Field:  ___1st in City/County 100m dash (time: 13.2?), I don’t remember my highest vault

Sports you participated in College:  __Walk on for Track and Field for pole vault for Fall 2013_____________
Best College sport memory:  __becoming friends with all my teammates_
PRs in College Track & Field:  _________________________________________________________

What motivates you to coach Track & Field here at WLHS/JH?  _I love track and this program and I want to help these
kids become the best they can in anyway I can. I want to share my passion for the sport and inspire them to work hard.
What is an “interest” or a “talent” that you have that most people would not know about and you are willing to “share”?
_I can do a backflip! :)______________________________________________________